🥳 🧠 Stream Trivia Quiz

Stream-oriented easy-to-setup and auto-translated Triva Quiz. ¿Did you ever dream about empowering your Twitch audience and drive your engagement to a new level? This is your chance to create trivia games with one single click.

The game gathers the questions and translates it if needed. Every chat participant can play!

How to configure Twitch access:

Go to https://twitchapps.com/tmi/ and obtain your oauth code. Use your username to fill the fields other than OAuth and the code obtained to fill OAuth. Easy uh? 😋

How to configure Auto-translation:

Auto-translations uses Azure Cognitive Services to perform on-the-fly translations (due to the original language of the questions is english). Firstly you need an Azure account. As far as your data consumption keeps normal the service is 🤑 FREE 🤑

The tricky part:
– Go to Azure Portal: https://portal.azure.com/
– Find «Cognitive Services»
– Find «Translator» and Create
– Obtain your key, endpoint (add «/translate» to the end of the url, will be fixed in the next release) and zone
– Endpoint should be: «https://api.cognitive.microsofttranslator.com/translate«
– Supported languages: https://docs.microsoft.com/es-es/azure/cognitive-services/translator/language-support


Every command could be used in the twitch chat, this way the streamer can easily participate with the audience. There are four types of commands:

  • Game commands:
    • «1«, «a«, «!a» : Selects the first option
    • «2«, «b«, «!b» : Selects the second option
    • «3«, «c«, «!c» : Selects the third option
    • «4«, «d«, «!d» : Selects the fourth option
  • Audience commands:
    • «!e <emote>«: Express the emote <emote> on-screen
    • «!t tomato«: Thows a 🍅 tomato 🍅 to the streamer view AMAZING!
  • Streamer commands:
    • «!love«: Hearts flying 💖 in the streamer window.
    • «!fire«: 🔥 The streamer window gets on fire.
    • «!water«: A virtual ice-bucket challenge 🌊
    • «!blackout«: Kind of a surprise 😱
  • Admin commands:
    • «!n«: Next question
    • «!s«: Solve question

This game is under development. Any sugestions are welcome.


For any further question: contact@crowdedgames.com


  • Thanks to: https://opentdb.com/ Open Trivia Database is created and maintained by the good folks at PIXELTAIL GAMES LLC.